How Presidencies Affects Our Music


Music is entertainment. That’s the general idea of what music should be. But some things need to be looked at from the bigger picture – because sometimes music means more to listeners than just pure entertainment. Just to name a few, sometimes music is used to heal a broken heart, to pour out feelings, to release anger buried or for several other reasons.

Little do we know that many things affect the creation of music. We always look at the smaller picture but the bigger reason & picture we can think of what marks the root of music is the president that leads our country. Think about it – during the presidency of Obama, the music which was created didn’t sound anything like protest at all, maybe a couple or two here & there, but mostly the songs which debuted were very likely on the side of love, happiness & joy. There were even some presidents that learn to sing them out loud!

On the other hand, as soon as the whole globe learnt that Trump was running for the biggest throne in the entire world, we could see how our music changed gradually. The most common & known one would be by a Canadian band Arcade Fire, “I Give You Power”. The lyrics alone has a clear-cut meaning. Here a gist of what the song says; it’s about us the voters giving power to our president, yes, we do give him / her the power to lead, but remember that we the voters can take it away anytime we want to. Hey Mr. President, you better watch your back now, huh?

So here’s a fun fact on what Trump has made the people become. You would think that the protest music stops at Arcade Fire’s I Give You Power, but we kid you not when we say that there is actually a whole album about protest songs & it’s called Our First 100 Days – which holds songs from and for unhappy people during Trump’s firsts days of becoming the “historic” president of the US.