Mid Term

As any reader of this blog, I am sure is fully aware, ( ya better be!) Mid Term elections is upon us. It is a time of year I usually look forward to. You know, I see the leaves falling the pumpkins suddenly appearing on people’s doorstep’s and dirty politicians scrambling to clean up their image, I love it.

But this year as I was staring at the fall pumpkin patch I found myself thinking, “Midterms who needs em’ anyway?” I mean, who really cares. Every single year the same batch of scoundrels clamor through the TV sets and articles trying to explain why they are better than the next guy. And every year we vote for the one that screeches his political attacks the loudest, and every year we are somehow unexpectedly disappointed when the Santa Clause we voted for does not provide us with the gifts that he promised.


This is all very sad right? Mid Term results are classically the same year after year. And what does this data tell us? That we are a very ill informed voting populace. The National Journal reminds us that every single mid-term it seems that no matter what happens the president is absolutely guaranteed to lose seats in Congress. And for the current President included, this should prove to be a particularly tough Mid-Term election year. Because it is usually the Democratic party that is hit particularly hard.

Historically, core components of the Democratic base just cease to exist as a political constituency on Election Day, voter turnout that may have shown strong support for a Democratic Presidential ticket tends to be a lot lower for the Mid-Term. So this time around, Congressional seats are almost guaranteed to be lost. But again I ask you, does it really matter?


But Republicans don’t you worry, there is plenty of room for you to get Shellacked too! It was in the historic Mid Term of 1974 that poor old Gerry Ford was pummeled by his Democratic contenders in the Mid-Term. So why were voters so intently focusing on the Mid-Term’s that year? Well for many good reasons, it was that year of course that Tricky Dick Nixon resigned in the wake of the Watergate scandal and it was under these circumstances that the ill fated Gerald Ford came to office as the President in the first place. So of course these events certainly led to the unfavorable results the Republicans had that year in the Mid-Term.

A public that normally sleeps through the Mid-Term were galvanized but that years events to respond in record number. This led Ford’s party losing an unusually high amount of seats in a Midterm election year. In 1974 the Mid-Term did matter, and caused a tremendous difference. So the answer to my question, “Do Midterms matter?” Is usually not, but every so often when infamous events intervene the Midterm can deliver quite a wallop on an unsuspecting politician. So this year unless the political equivalent of a comet strikes us, let’s look forward to more of the same nonsense. Until then, see ya at the polls!