About Me


Politics is a very diverse and myriad world. It is a field that everyone thinks about but often do not want to talk about.

Didn’t your mother ever tell you it is impolite to talk about religion and politics in public?

Well those are two of my favorite things, and I have never held back. Even as a kid, I wouldn’t be afraid to say what I thought of President or Pope either one. So that is why I have created this Blog, for all of you political junkies out there like me. I have lived a life of politics. I went graduated from university with my Bachelor’s in Political Science, and then I went on as Campaign organizer in local elections and then continued on the side as an analyst for local think tank and lobbyist groups. I have years of experience and even more years of bewilderment when it comes to politics. I know the game and I know how to call the plays.